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Why ADPAC- More on the American Dental Political Action Committee

With 2017’s ADPAC drive coming up this Saturday, March 11th, here’s 8 reasons for joining ADPAC:

1. ADPAC is part of the American Dental Association- it’s a bipartisan party for democrats, republicans, nonparty affiliates, dentists, dental students, anyone who cares even an ounce about protecting our profession

2. About 6,OOO bills are introduced to Congress each year with about 3,OOO bills affecting our patients, practice and profession. That’s 1/2!

3. Who decides on what gets passed? Voters, but mainly politicians who are often uninformed on dental issues

4. So what can we do? Strategize. ADA competes with 76,OOO other entities in Washington to have our specific issues explained and heard

5. What does this require? ADPAC helps raise the necessary funds to support our representatives and committees, initiate grassroots advocacy and increase political education

6. Supported representatives include: U.S. Representatives Mike Simpson, DMD, Paul Gosar, DDS and Brian Babin, DDS;  Congress Fred Costello, DDS and Drew Ferguson, DMD. Specific grassroots advocacy and political education efforts include: Dentist and Student Lobby Day at the Capitol and publictions like ADA Engage

7. No only is ADPAC working towards improving dental care nationwide, but also improving our collective health care system

8. By contributing only $5, you are increasing our voice in Congress and paving the road towards positive change in health

So why not! Join ADPAC at Stars and Strikes, a night of bowling on Saturday, March 11th @ 7PM.

-Chloe Tsang, ASDOH ’20

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