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Thanks to our amazing Dean and administration, becoming a dental student at ATSU-ASDOH means AUTOMATIC enrollment into ASDA! Thats FREE membership! 


Students will learn more about ASDOH ASDA during orientation. Will contact students right away with upcoming events, lunch-and-learns, and our Welcome meetings where you can learn all about ASDA! shows more about our chapter benefits, so explore to find out more! Click "learn more" to find out more about the amazing National Benefits that are provided to members as well! Welcome to the Club!



ASDOH ASDA Pre-dents will have access to our chapter events like our Pre-Dental Day and receive more benefits! These include being able to attend pre-dental workshops, mock interviews, and many resource to help you on your journey into dentistry.

You will have opportunities to network with dental students from all across the country during ASDA’s national, district, and chapter events, giving you a competitive edge! Your commitment will also stand out in interviews and personal statements as will your knowledge of dentistry.


As a Pre-Dental ASDA member you will have access to discounts to DAT materials, discounts for insurance, hands-on experiences and so much more!

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