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Welcome to Arizona & D1!

Sept. 20th, 2022

By Gracie Groth, Class of 2026

Many of our newest student dentists have

transitioned into dental school and are settling

into the new scenery of Arizona. Along for the

ride, they have brought their closest companions!

Rachel B. expresses “the transition has been

so smooth! Everyone has been so kind.

I love Arizona and seeing beautiful mountains

everywhere I look.”

They attribute their seamless transitions to their

feathery/ furry friends and the supportive family

community at ASDOH.

Razel Z. shares “although I sometimes feel

homesick, the people I met at ASDOH helped me feel a part of a community. I am grateful to have supportive classmates at this school because I would not know how to survive the

year without their support and kindness.”

As we look towards a lengthy future of studying, someone that will always show us unconditional love and support is our pets! According to the CDC, there are many health benefits for owning a pet including “increased opportunities to exercise, get outside, and socialize. Pets can also help manage loneliness and depression by giving us companionship.”

Samantha J. remarks “can’t wait for the fall weather and to be able to do more outdoor activities. It is beautiful here!”

Summer temperatures in the desert can be a shock to anyone moving here, but I promise there are cooler fall days coming very soon! Some outdoor activities I’m looking forward to sharing with my four- legged friend include visiting farmers markets, local hiking, and sitting on fully- opened patios of tasty restaurants.

Some of my recommendations include the Uptown Farmers Market for food vendors, Piestewa Peak Trail for some of the best views of the city, and a recent favorite of mine Fire & Brimstone in Gilbert for

wood- fired pizzas made with fresh local ingredients!

So whether your post-studying plans include exploring your new neighborhood or traveling across the state, be sure to appreciate and love your pets as they are truly your biggest fan!

Best Wishes!


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