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🐶🐱 Pets of ASDOH 🐶🐱

By Tiffany Huang, Class of 2026

Happy February Y'all!

Whether or not you had a Valentine’s this year, I thought it would be nice to douse you with some furry friends from your fellow ASDOH members for a boost of serotonin. Here are a few cute floofs you may one day meet. Let's goooo:

Yogi (From Taralyn Lum D1)

  1. Story behind the name: "2 Years ago my coworker was getting a puppy that looked like a bear, and so they told me they were thinking about naming him teddy or bear. I loved calling my friends who avidly did yoga "yogis," and always thought this would be a cute name for a dog. When they said they wanted to name their dog bear, I said “hey what about yogi, like yogi bear!” I ended up keeping the name since practicing yoga is one of my biggest passions in life."

  2. Strange habits: "It hasn’t happened recently, but he loves swallowing socks and underwear whole, and will completely pass it. A more pg friendly one: he struts, actually a better description would be “prances” while he walks/runs."

  3. Fun Fact: "He’s a huge traveler, hiker, and crag dog! He’s been to 4 national parks, 6 states, camped all over CA, and road-tripped along the highway 101 to Big Sur."

Bear, Po, & Tato (From Courtney Hoang D1)- Left to right

  1. Story behind the name(s): Bear: "I got my name because when I was adopted I was fluffy like a baby black bear." Po (short for Polar): "My half brother is Bear… I was named Polar because, together with my brother, we are “Polar Bear.” And I looked like a baby polar bear as a pup." Tato (short for Potato): "I got my name because I looked like a Potato."

  2. Strange habits: Bear: "I like to collect socks." Po: "I like to chase bugs." Tato: "I don’t run to chase the ball, I run to eat my brother’s tails."

  3. Fun Fact: Bear: "I’ll do any trick you want for a snack." Po: "Ball >>>> Food" Tato: "My tail looks like a cinnamon roll."

Waffle (From Shelley Lee D2)

  1. Story behind the name: "His fur color looks like the color of a waffle"

  2. Strange habits: "Shakes of his hands/legs after he eats. Likes to sleep in between people’s legs."

  3. Fun Fact: "He still steal your shrimp and chicken if you left your food unattended. He likes sunbathing."

Sunny (From Thomas Kantaras D1)

  1. Story behind the name: "One of my favorite shows is It’s Always Sunny and my favorite rapper’s nickname is “lil sunny” lol. also he has lots of energy like the sun"

  2. Strange habits: "He likes to sit directly on people’s feet and thinks ice cubes are treats"

  3. Fun Fact: "The second day after i got him he chewed straight through his leash 😭"

Chicago (From Brooklyn Noble D1)

  1. Story behind the name:"She’s a shy cat so I called her Chi and because I wanted to keep the city trend going I made her full name Chicago"

  2. Strange habits: "She tucks herself in whenever a blanket is nearby"

  3. Fun Fact: "She’s originally from California but found her way to Louisiana"

Loki (From Chabeli Abraham D2)

  1. Story behind the name: "As a Marvel Comic and Norse mythology fan, I was hesitant between Loki and Thor names. I ended up naming my little guy Loki because of his big (chaotic) personality and naughthy streak, somehow resembling Loki's behavior in both MC and Nordic myth."

  2. Strange habits: "He likes sitting in my feets when I stand, which makes me think it's a canine version of hugging."

  3. Fun Fact: "Have you heard about bilingual dogs? Loki is bilingual! My four-legged guy can fully distinguish between Spanish and English"

Bagel (From Tiffany Huang D1)

  1. Story behind the name: "I was eating an everything bagel for breakfast when my friend texted me asking if I wanted a puppy and they looked alike!"

  2. Strange habits: "He has a backwards leg kicking dance and likes to carry a few kibbles to another location, spits it out, eats them slowly, then goes back for more"

  3. Fun Fact: "His nick names are Baegoe, BB, and Buhbuh"

Thanks for reading, hope it put a smile on your face 🌹 See you soon!

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