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New Year, New Resolutions, New ASDA!

Vanessa Kristensen, ASDOH ASDA President, ASDOH ’18

As the clock strikes midnight the nation collectively turns the page on the past and flips into the future. A future of hope and, for many, change. New Years resolutions are commonly made by individuals and are typically to the tune of health and finances. However, resolutions are not limited to individuals. Resolutions can be applied to businesses and even student organizations—as resolutions are simply goals to help move you towards your desired vision of success. Here are ASDOH ASDA’s goals, or resolutions, for the new year:

Become more active

As an organization, ASDOH ASDA will strive to provide a multitude of quality events and opportunities to students, faculty, staff and even pre-dentals. As a result, we hope to see an increase in active members in our organization. Our goal is to continue to show students the importance of ASDA and organized dentistry. ASDOH ASDA’s vision is to be the elite student organization that meets the needs and demands of the student body by providing quality events, education and resources.

Reduce stress

ASDOH ASDA will strive to provide more health and wellness events in order to promote the physical and psychological welding of our students and community.


Community service is a stabilizing pillar of ASDOH and ASDA. In 2017 we will continue to create sustainable and impactful service events.

Pick up a useful skill

In 2017 ASDOH ASDA will work to provide increased opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. These will include the development of both soft and hard skills. We will prioritize our efforts in areas not typically taught in the regular curriculum such as: business, cultural competency, advanced CEREC techniques and much more.

Become more organized

In 2016 our chapter underwent several changes, the largest being a change in our infrastructure. Since its implementation our chapter has grown and developed. However, no new change is without flaws. In 2017 we will strive to become a more organized and sustainable student group.

Start being more creative

ASDOH has always been known for its innovation. We would like this creativity to also be recognized in ASDOH ASDA. This year ASDOH ASDA will work to provide unique opportunities in hopes of becoming the best, or most ideal, ASDA chapter in the nation.

Connect with friends

Communications and social media usage have always been an area of weakness of our chapter. In 2017 ASDOH ASDA will work to enhance our social media usage and better streamline our methods of communication in order to connect with our friends and members more easily.

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