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Legislative Update: Arizona Dental Therapy Bill SB1377

Posted on Mar 27, 2018 09:50 pm

Dental therapy is back yet again! Here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening with the Dental Therapy Bill (SB1377) on Arizona’s Capitol Hill this past month. 📷 After a 3.5 hour hearing on Thursday, March 15th, the House Health Committee voted 5 nays and 4 ayes. 

However, this was not to be the end of the bill. Dental therapy proponents have attached a “strike everything” amendment to a bill (Municipal Improvement Districts, Sale Certificates Bill-HB2235) that had already passed the House of Representatives. This amendment was heard on Wednesday, March 21 before the Senate Government Committee and passed by a vote of 5-2.

Currently, the language of the Bill states that a dental therapy applicant: must first be a licensed dental hygienistcomplete 3 years of training at a CODA accredited dental therapy programcomplete a 1,000 hour preceptorship under a licensed dentist before practicing under general supervisionFull text of the bill can be read Here

Next, the HB2235 amendment and bill will go to the House Rules Committee and then to the Senate Floor.

There is still time to contact your Senators and Representatives if you have opinions concerning this Bill against or for. Below are a few links so you can TAKE ACTION. AzDA Message to Senators against HB2235: Send Here Petition from our peers at Midwestern University against Dental Therapists in AZ: Sign Here AZ Legislation Website for/against HB2235:

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