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How to Survive D4 Year

You’re done with all didactic work of years 1 and 2, have become comfortable in clinic in year 3, and now you’re the Big Dog on Campus. On to rotations! What will help students survive D4 year?

“Get your denture and implant competencies done pronto! These multiple sequenced appointment procedures take up a ton of time and are challenging to do during rotations. Also, you should work closely with your Group of Four as they will be the ones to help you find patients during fourth year. In fourth year, you do not screen patients often at all and so your source of patients and needed procedures come from your Group of Four or CCU. That’s when developing that relationship with your D4 classmate and your D3 mentees really shows it’s worth.” -Diewitt Duong

“Be sure to take a breathe as the year gets crazy. But don’t take a long one because it’s over faster than you think.” -Ben Luka

ASDOH ASDA wants to thank the entire D4 class for their efforts in making our chapter stronger during your time here, and our school an even better place to be. ASDOH would not be the same as it is today without the influence of the Class of 2017. And lastly,


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