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How This Year Changed Me Too....

Kristina Rodriguez D3 “Transitioning into clinic earlier this year and finally working with real patients (adios mannequins!) has been the most amazing yet nerve-racking experience in dental school. Now that I have people looking to me as their provider, I have pushed myself to do and be the best I can. I have noticed my level of confidence rise throughout the year as my clinical and patient management skills have improved. The respect and appreciation I receive from my patients on a daily basis is the most rewarding feeling and a constant reminder that this is what I am meant to do. I cannot wait to see what the new year has in store!”

Cisco Mascarenas D3 “When I started dental school in the Summer of 2014, I had serious doubts if I could become a doctor. Something I would have never admitted at the time. This year, I started clinic and it has taught me more about myself than actual clinical dentistry, and I’ve learned a lot of clinical dentistry. Managing a multitude of treatment plans has exposed me to a type of responsibility I couldn’t receive elsewhere. Seeing these treatment plans develop in to patient satisfaction has made this year and the previous years of difficult work, worth it. Transitioning from student to clinician has solidified my decision to enter this career and has help me grow in to someone I, and hopefully others, can be proud of.”

Kaitlyn Neglerio D4 “Fourth year has really brought everything full circle about what I’ve learned in our didactic courses and simulation practices and allowed me to apply it toward providing quality care toward my patients. It continues to challenge me as I take on more patients and learn to manage both my efficiency and patient management. This year has allowed me to improve my competence in my hand skills and most importantly my confidence to treat my patients to the highest standard.”

Amanda Rael D4 “My fourth year in ASDOH as changed me for the better. Rotations especially have broadened my horizons and allowed me to appreciate the fact that I attend ASDOH even more. I have treated populations from the north mountains of New Mexico, California’s central coast migrant workers, children from downtown Phoenix, and refugees and immigrants in Seattle. If I had not attended ASDOH, I would be missing out on treating these underserved areas and these wonderful learning opportunities. I would never have met such compassionate dentists, nor would I have become more independent in both my personal and professional aspects.”

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