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Happy Mother’s Day: A Spotlight on Dental Moms

Posted on May 13, 2018 09:33 pm by asdohasdablog

In honor of Mother’s Day this year, ASDA has shown the much deserved spotlight on 4 amazing dental mothers (and soon-to-be mothers). Thank you for being amazing examples of strong, caring, beautiful women to all of us at ASDOH! Be sure to catch their full stories on ASDOH ASDA’s Instagram. #momsrule 📷 How has being a mother influenced your experience in school? Dental school has forced me to magnify my motherhood multitasking abilities 10 fold. I have had to push through some extremely hard times because I wanted to show my girls and my son that I could do it. There were times that I wanted to quit but kept going because they were watching. Many times I had to sacrifice sleep and school breaks because they were sick and needed me. Or they needed my help with a school project on a night when I had a difficult test the next day. My kids are learning that life can be difficult, but you keep going and you continue cheering each other on. I know that when I’m done with school, they will appreciate what I went through, and they will be grateful for the growth we experienced because of what we went through as a family. -Becky McArthur, ’20 📷 How do you think being a mother will influence your career as a dental professional? I think becoming a mother will give me an added sense of compassion as I continue my role as a dental hygienist. Education and prevention are so very crucial and important in the early stages of dentition development, and that will become even more important to me when working with my younger, and even older patients. Building healthy and positive habits can last these patients a lifetime! -Lauren Naylor, RDH  📷 What does being a mother mean to you? When I first became a mother it was the most painful thing I had ever experienced in my life but once I saw my baby I knew nothing so beautiful couldn’t be without, what now seems like, a little bit of pain. My heart and soul were not mine anymore but instead they reside in my children. Being a mother is a job that I did not learn from a book but it came from the inside, an internal knowledge. It has allowed me to pursue things I could only dream of. Being a mother has given me strength I didn’t know I had.  -Danielle Silbernagel, ’21 📷 What was the greatest lesson your mother taught you that you hope to pass down to your child? My mom has taught me so many invaluable lessons that it is difficult to say which lesson was the greatest. However, there was one lesson that has guided me through life and has allowed me to end up where I am today. My mother would always stress the importance of determination in education. Anytime I did not perform my best in my academics, she would always encourage me by saying that people learn more from their failures than they do their successes. Her idea of an education was not just limited to the classroom either. She would also tell me to never stop being curious and maintain my thirst for knowledge because knowledge was something that could never be taken away from me. This lesson is something that I hope to pass onto my boys. -Alexandria Purdy, ’19 📷 How do you think being a mother impacts your career as a dental professional?  I think being a mother has helped me be more patient and compassionate. It also makes you more accepting and hopefully a better listener. I also try to empower the students with the same skills and values I taught my own kids. -Dr. Giancola, ADSOH Faculty

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