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D1 Perspective: ASDA Annual Session 2019

Posted on Apr 02, 2019 06:40 pm by Elijah Cutshall, ASDOH ’22

ASDA Annual Session was an awesome experience for me as a D1 that really opened my eyes to the organization and what it does for dental students. During my first few months at ATSU I remember going to all kinds of lunch & learns to hear about different clubs and student organizations on campus, including one for ASDA; sadly, in the whirlwind that was 1st semester, I failed to really grasp or understand the purpose of ASDA, what it meant for me as a dental student, and why it was crucial for me to be involved. All of that changed when i attended the Annual Session in PIttsburgh, March 1st and 2nd. The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) is an organization of dental students who speak on behalf of all dental students on a national level and give us a voice in the world of organized dentistry. I had no idea just how much time and energy is put forth on my behalf by this organization. ASDA takes dental student problems, concerns, and goals and lobbies in the best interest of dental students for practices conducive to our success now while in school and assuring pathways to success in our futures as dental providers. While at the conference I was able to gain a better understanding of how our local ASDOH ASDA chapter works with other chapters and our District 10 leadership to take student concerns and ideas to the national chapter. At the Annual Session, participating schools hold two spots in the ASDA House of Delegates and have voting rights ensuring the voice of their chapters are heard and counted. ASDA utilizes student leaders to coalesce the individual voices of dental students to protect and advance the rights, interests and welfare of dental students and is an organization worthy of your ACTIVE membership, your time, and your trust. I highly recommend browsing the ASDA website to look around and see what all this great organization can offer and also how you can play an active role in ensuring your current and future success in the dental profession.

A huge thanks to ASDOH ASDA for sponsoring me to go to this event and to ASDOH Administration for: 1. recognizing the desire for students to advocate for themselves and participate in such an organization. 2. allowing time off so that I could experience Annual Session

To our future success, -Elijah Cutshall, ASDOH ’22

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